Art Show:
Mega Man Boss Battle
Based in San Francisco, California

Opening Show:
March 2nd, 2013, 7-10pm

Closing Show:
March 30th, 2013, 7-10pm


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Opening Show

Gauntlet Gallery
1040 Larkin St
San Francisco, CA



Mega Man Boss Battle (MMBB) is a group art show that aims to celebrate Capcom's prolific video game series--Mega Man. A quarter century of Capcom's "Blue Bomber" has inspired a generation of game designers and players to push the boundaries of what to expect from games. To that end, MMBB features an array of artists in a range of styles and media, all aimed at celebrating the badassery that is Mega Man. Each artist has reinvented a famous Mega Man character in his or her own style, to demonstrate what the Mega Man series is all about at its core—freedom.


About Mega Man

Mega Man was created by Keiji Inafune, as "Rock Man," for the Japanese video game company Capcom, and after its first release in 1987, quickly became a global hit. The series’ popularity has continued since its debut, and in twenty-five years, Capcom has released over 100 titles.

Mega Man is the story of the titular hero, an android, or "Reploid," built to protect humans from the Mavericks, an army of other Reploids gone rogue. Complete with this existential dilemma, Mega Man is a hero’s journey with a question—why do we fight?

The Artists

Jason A. Warnke, of Wormhole Games, sought artists who shared his enthusiasm for the "Blue Bomber." The artist roster is a collection of entertainment industry professionals, such as Andrew Wilson of Valve, Amanda Fox of DLX Skate, Tavish of Wormhole Games, Alex Ahad of Revenge Labs, numerous artists from Zynga, and many others, including internet celebrity artists such as OMOCAT, Helbetico, C Chan and Pac 23. Everyone has come both to show their love for, and to reinvent, Inafune's famous designs. 

Gallery Show

Opening Show: March 2nd

Closing Show: March 30th

Mega Man Boss Battle will open March 2nd and run through March 30th at the Gauntlet Gallery. There will be an opening and a closing show on those dates.

Gauntlet Gallery Event calendar.



These and other works will be available for purchase as limited edition prints from Art for People!

The Gallery

Gauntlet Gallery

Gauntlet Gallery opened its doors in December of 2012. As a gallery, it is committed to creating an approachable and engaging platform for emerging and established artists. Located in the the Tenderloin District (at Larkin and Sutter), the Gallery finds itself in the thick of what is becoming the artistic hotbed of San Francisco.

Show Curators

Jason Warnke
Curator, Artist

Luke Lombardo
Gallery Owner, Artist

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